The AiiD solution empowers organisations with the identity technology to...

Reduce Fraud

Protect Personal Data

Increase Efficiency

Improve Inclusion

Increase Data Accuracy

Increase Data Privacy

We create transformational technology that accelerates secure societal and financial inclusion to enable our partners to transform service delivery and empower people living in poverty.

Identity is more than a document

We are working towards a future where someone having to prove their identity no longer presents a barrier of access to essential services. We believe in unhindered social and economic mobility that elevates quality of life through fair opportunity for all. The universal ability to open a bank account, see a doctor, start a business, or cast a ballot is fundamental to global progress. Moreover we believe that proving identity should not affect an individual's rights to privacy. As the world demands digital delivery of products and services, AiiD delivers privacy protecting toolkits for inclusion.

Smartphone ownership is not a pre-requisite
60% of the worlds population lacks internet access. We believe in delivering leading-edge, relevant digital services without the barrier to entry of device ownership.
Identity is cultural
Our toolkits empower our partners and customers to deliver the right solutions on the ground.  We are part of a bigger effort where efficient collaboration is critical.
Passion creates impact
We support our partners and customers on their journey to impact and outcomes.
Focus on inclusion
We focus on projects that reduce inequality and poverty, build stronger communities, and create high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.
Prioritize privacy, anonymity, and data security
We are committed to supporting our partners in delivering solutions to the world's highest regulatory standards.

Why us


Our team has extensive real-world experience, with technical expertise in financial services and emerging markets innovation


We co-create with customers and partners while developing their internal capabilities to ensure a locally maintainable and scalable end result


Our technology is engineered for emerging market realities. It can be used "off the shelf" or tailored to suit specific needs

Proven process

We have years of experience delivering solutions using best practice principles

We balance profit and purpose

Society’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by government organizations or nonprofits alone. AiiD works to close the boundary between sectors and facilitate more effective public-private partnerships. AiiD is a registered B-Corp, and our work revolves around global public good.